AIMEE - Telephone Teller


AIMEE    To access the new AIMEE, Dial 309-451-8411
Instructions for using AIMEE:
  (AIMEE Instructions.PDF)


With AIMEE, you can:

- Ask if checks have cleared

- Transfer funds

- Make loan payments

- Verify loan balances and payments

- Check account balances

- Confirm deposits and withdrawals


If you have questions or problems, give us a call at 309.451.8400.

1. To access AIMEE, Dial 309-451-8411

2. When AIMEE answers

a.  Press 1 for English

b.  Oprima 2 Para Español

3. To logon

a.  Press 1 if you currently use AIMEE

b.  Press 2 to enroll in AIMEE

4. AIMEE will ask for your account number

a.  Enter your account number and press #

5. AIMEE will ask for your pin

a.  Enter your four digit pin and press #

6.  AIMEE will guide you through the process

a.  For complete instructions, click here. (AIMEE Instructions.PDF) 

7. To end your session, please remember to press 9 

8. Helpful Hints

- Press 9 at any time to end your session.

- The # key will take you back only one menu level. 

- To return to the opening menu, you may have to press # multiple times.  

- DO NOT use a decimal when entering amounts, for example $250.03 should be 25003#.

- You can use any phone to call AIMEE 24/7.

- Transactions are immediately posted to your account.